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What are the Top Risks in Drug Addiction?

Posted: January 13, 2015 by in Drug Treatment Help Center

drug addiction risks

Drug addiction can touch every individual. Young or old, rich or poor, there’s no exception. Dependence on a substance has really serious effects on the health of the abuser. The risk for people who habitually consume pills or injectable is really high.

Deteriorating Health Condition

Several health issues can be attributed to addiction. Kidney failure, heart problems, and liver disorders are just some of the illnesses that can manifest. You may have noticed that every disorder is linked to a bodily organ. Our organs are the main victims of substance abuse. Drugs are packed with chemicals, and our organs can only take as much. Slowly but surely, the chemicals will corrupt the liver, kidney or the heart just like termites devour a stack of good wood. The deterioration of health may not be immediately apparent, but in due the consequences will be felt from internal body parts that are already deformed and unhealthy.

Weakening Peer and Family Relationships

If an individual is under the influence of an intoxicating substance, his mind does not function properly. Poor cognitive ability, lousy judgment, improper behavior in social situations, and mood swings are just some of the behaviors displayed by drug addicts according to Drug Treatment Center Norfolk VA. Family members will start to keep their distance and close friends may choose to end the relationship, because of the deteriorating behavior, attitude, and personality of the drug addict.

Susceptibility to Diseases and Injuries

Drugs may come in many forms. Capsules, powders, injectable, name it – they’re everywhere and they’re in various chemical forms. Injectable drugs are one of the top culprits in the spread of HIV and Hepatitis. Sharing needles is twice as dangerous as having sex without condoms because blood contamination can happen so quickly. Accidents are also more likely for the drug user. As already mentioned, the brain doesn’t function properly when it’s under the influence of a foreign substance. Consequently, the risk for injury rises from incidents such as vehicle-related accidents and self-harm. Statistics from Drug Treatment Center Norfolk VA show that most of their patients’ injuries occurred when a chemical was in the bloodstream, resulting in poor self-control.

The regular and habitual intake of drugs inevitably carries risk. If you find yourself in the world of addiction, take action right away because there are no benefits that can be gained from that world.

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