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The real score between Male and Female Addiction

Posted: August 20, 2015 by in Drug Treatment Help Center

Over the recent years, NIDA has made a significant research commitment to distinguishing an understanding between the differences in the ways that men and women are initially exposed to drugs, in their dangers of misuse /abuse or addiction, and in the viability of drug treatment. Understanding these distinctions and joining that understanding into substance abuse and drug treatment, can decrease the dangers and improve outcomes. NIDA- supported research has demonstrated that gender differences play a part from the most primitive opportunity to use drugs, that both genders have a tendency to mishandle distinctive drugs, that the impacts of drugs are diverse for the two genders, and that’s some approaches to treatment in most drug and alcohol abuse treatment center are more successful for women than for men.

Which Gender is most likely to abuse drugs?                                                                                                                    

Men are more probable than women to have chances to use drugs; however individuals are given a chance to use drugs surprisingly are just as prone to do so and to progress from first time use to addiction. In any case, women and men seem to differ in their vulnerability to a few drugs as well as to the effectiveness of entering alcohol abuse treatment center. However, Drug Treatment Help Center believes that both genders are just as prone to become addicted to up dependent in or subject to cocaine, heroin, stimulants, tobacco and inhalants. Women are more probable to become addicted or reliant on drugs designed to treat uneasiness and anxiety, and more outlandish than men in misusing alcohol and cannabis.

There are likewise differences between men and women who look for an addiction treatment in an alcohol abuse treatment center.  Women in treatment programs are less likely than men to have graduated from secondary school and to be used and are more likely than men to have other health issues to have looked for past drug treatment, to have endeavored suicide, and to have endured sexual abuse or other physical abuse.

Does Gender Play a Role in Nicotine Addiction?

According to Drug Treatment Help Center,  women and men are similarly prone to become dependent on nicotine , yet women ordinarily smoke cigarettes with lower nicotine content than those smoked by men, smoke less cigarettes for every day, and breathe in less profoundly compared to men. Generally speaking, then again, women are less effective compared to men in stopping smoking and higher chances of relapse after they do quit. Treatment including nicotine substitution in a highly qualified alcohol abuse treatment center help nicotine gum or patch-works preferred for men than for women.

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