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The Link between Substance Abuse and Suicide

Posted: August 9, 2015 by in Drug Treatment Help Center

Addiction and Suicide

According to the World Health Organization, over 1 million people die every year because of suicide. Over 30,000 individuals commit suicide every year in the United States. In Australia, suicide remains the leading cause of death for people between the ages of 15-44.

Suicide is the act of intentionally taking one’s own life. Suicidal behavior incorporates plans, thoughts, and attempts at taking one’s own life. Suicide causes massive distress to the families, friends, communities, and workplaces of the person who has committed suicide. The consequence can be long lasting throughout the community. Studies indicate that the two key risk factors for suicide are mental health disorder and drug misuse or abuse.

Risk Factors for Suicide

There are a various risk factors for individuals who commit suicide. Some of these risk factors include family and childhood violence abuse, chronic physical illness, sexual or physical abuse, mental disorder, social disadvantage, history of deliberate self-harm, depression, use of alcohol and other drugs, interpersonal conflict, and other traumatic incidents.

Suicide can be prevented by getting troubled people into mental health treatments, drug and/or alcohol treatment group education, crisis support, and other social support groups.

Alcohol and Suicide

Alcohol has been found to contribute to an increased risk of suicide. An overconsumption of alcohol is considered a cause for committing suicide, even in the absence of abuse or addiction.  This is because alcohol prompts a person to be depressed, confused, and impulsive. The influence of alcohol can cause a person to become self-destructive because of their declining inhibitions and risk taking behaviors.

Cannabis and Suicide

Cannabis intake has been associated with suicide attempts. Cannabis can increase the negative effects of mental issues such as depression, causing it to be worse. For some individuals, long term cannabis use can lead to addiction. This could increase the indirect possibility of suicide, because there could be an increased likelihood of interpersonal, psychosocial, and legal difficulties connected with drug addiction. Research has found that cannabis was the most used drug detected in individuals who have committed suicide.

Substance Abuse and Suicide

Alcohol and drug abuse can also contribute to undesirable social problems, which can also increase the risk of suicide. This is because people who use alcohol and drugs are exposed to situations that can have extensive traumatic effects on their mental health. Examples of these situations include exposure to prostitution, violence, rape or assaults, drug overdoses, and illnesses. Drug Treatment Help Center provides addiction intervention in Virginia that give support to addicted individuals that are suffering from addiction and those individual who are suffering from social issues and at risk of possible suicide.

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